House 616_PV

New House for Owner – The existing site presented several opportunities, from its peculiar shape to its street frontage on two sides. Combined with the predominant axis of the site being along the north south axis, it became clear that ensuring sufficient northern light could enter the home, would be a priority for the design.

The resolution, orientating the building along the east west axis. By doing so most of the interior spaces will have direct northern light. To achieve this within the development restrictions of the estate the building was broken into parts and grouped according to functions.

The living spaces form the heart of the home, and the kitchen dining and entertainment spaces are grouped in the centre of the site, above these are the three bedrooms connected by a feature staircase. Leading off this central space is the study space to the north, the entertainment spaces to the west, the garage and entrance spaces to the east and lastly the outside pool and seating area to the south.

The design looks to articulate each of these spaces, as separate spaces, yet connected. This is an important approach to achieving a homely feeling to the building, and not an intimidating mass of a building. To do this, each space is founded under its own main slate roof, connected with contrasting concrete roofs over the linking passages. As a result, the structure is experienced as connected parts instead of an overwhelming whole.

To further soften the edges of the building, and control the climate around the house, extensive pergolas are used to shade openings, and surfaces surrounding entrances. The pool and adjacent seating area are visually invited into the house, with extensive glass doors and windows allowing a visual connection to these spaces from most of the interior areas.

Inspired by the view of the Simonsberg mountain range, the design aims to frame this landscape as part of connecting the home and its residents to their surroundings. The mountain range being a geographical landmark, acts as a subtle reminder as to where you are situated, reinforcing the connection to home. To ensure this connection is maximised, the orientation of the building was designed to allows for views to the mountain from all the upper bedroom spaces and many of the lower-level spaces.

To protect the outside entertainment areas from the prevailing harsh south eastern winds, the building was designed to form a large courtyard like area around the pool.