House 1587_VDV

New House for Owner – Situated just south of the town Paarl, in the Western Cape, this site in the Val De Vie estate required an unique approach, as it is dissected by a river. The river restricted the shape and size of the buildable area on site, due to the 100-year flood line restrictions, with the longest site edge orientated west. The result was a restrictive site which required a contextually informed response to the surrounding environment.

The design response was informed by the homeowner being an avid car enthusiast and classic car collector, and a major component of the brief was to provide a space for these vehicles to be showcased and easily maintained. The result was a brief with two main functions, a home, and a space for the owner’s car collection. The major challenge being to create a design which responds to the brief while addressing the contextual concerns.

The resulting design approach was to create livable courtyard spaces. These courtyards were designed to be sheltered from the harsh western sun, and strong seasonal winds in the area. By splitting the built structures into smaller structures, it will allow these structures to define the edges of the courtyard while being flexible within the sites restricted buildable area.

The design made use of simple forms, inspired by traditional cape architecture. These forms are articulated with simple windows and doors to break the scale of the façade down. The common living spaces in the home are grouped around the courtyard space, to allow the inside spaces to connect to the outside. Allowing the inside spaces to flow into the outside courtyard space. In contrast private spaces are located upstairs to provide privacy while maximizing views of the Simonsberg mountains.

Although challenging, housing the owner’s car collection, the building is inspired by a traditional horse stable and features large sliding stable like doors. As with the main house the building is laid out to create a sheltered space between the two wings.