House 1672_VDV

New House for Owner – Situated south of the town Paarl in the prestigious Val De Vie estate. The design brief called for a large family home with enough space for the immediate and extended family of the owner. Each space to be separate but also linked to the main house to ensure the home would function as a whole and not be experienced as separate individual dwellings.

With the longest site edge orientated East to West, the initial concept was a response to the local weather conditions. The Val De Vie estate experiences strong South Easterly winds in the summer months and temperatures rise to above 35 degrees. By placing the garages on the North and South boundaries a protected courtyard was created to block the entrance from the prevailing wind. This language continues throughout and creates a private courtyard on the western side of the property. With the placement of mature trees at key locations in the courtyard the western façade of the building will be screened from the harsh summer sun.

The concept was further developed to ensure the beautiful mountain views are showcased throughout. With the private courtyard being the central focus of the ground floor. The kitchen, dining and living areas would spill out onto a covered deck which would be screened by the lush private courtyard.

The design uses simple forms, inspired by local architecture. The scale of the facades is visually broken down by the addition of solar screens, pergolas, and floor to ceiling windows. The result, a modern large house which reads as a smaller, less imposing structure. The simple clean architecture of the house ensures the beautiful natural surroundings are showcased enforcing the relaxed lifestyle of the estate.